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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

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Water in Home Scenarios That Require Trained Workers

6/8/2022 (Permalink)

A pipe being adjusted Our Trained Workers can help you if you experience Water Damage in your Property.

Just like the human body, your home in Kaysville, UT, has a lot of water coursing through it. Most of this water is carried safely in the plumbing system. Your home also faces outside pressures from storms and potential flooding, making a water in home event a real possibility. Fortunately, you have many resources at your disposal to prevent home water damage, plus you can quickly clean up an unexpected water event through fast actions and the help of SERVPRO professionals.

The Best Methods for a Satisfactory Pipe Cleanup

While plumbing systems are built to last, they do occasionally fail, and sometimes catastrophically. This can leave your home in complete turmoil, spraying water on carpeting, furniture, electronics and personal items. This scenario is just what a nearby SERVPRO water restoration franchise excels at. Trained technicians understand the best methods to quickly remove water from a home. They follow a proven process that includes 6 main steps:

  • Rapid inspection and water damage assessment
  • Water removal with advanced equipment
  • Damaged material removal
  • Cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing
  • Drying with advanced equipment
  • Repairs and construction

You can rest assured that the work will be done according to high standards. This ensures the job will be done right the first time and your home will be restored to its original condition. The final phase includes monitoring the home to make sure secondary damage does not occur. Technicians will make sure the relative indoor humidity of your home won't support unwelcome mold growth.

The Process for a Successful Broken Pipe Restoration

Every water in home event is unique. This is why trained and certified workers are so important. They can quickly adapt to the conditions they face and use techniques that are appropriate to a wide number of scenarios. For example, a pipe that breaks in your home could contain either clean water that is suitable for drinking, or it could contain sewage water that is highly contaminated. Each of these requires different solutions.

A clean water spill is less likely to ruin furniture and flooring, especially if the water is removed from the home within just a few hours. A local SERVPRO team can usually make it to your home in less than two hours. Workers will quickly begin the water extraction process with powerful pumps that are capable of removing thousands of gallons of water in a short time frame.

If the water contains sewage, the water damage mitigation team will place an emphasis on safety for homeowners and workers. This involves making sure everyone avoids skin contact with the water. Workers will don PPE such as gloves and masks to limit contact. This scenario is also likely to involve a greater degree of replacing damaged items and structures.

The Advantage of Professionalism

Whether you face an emergency pipe cleanup or a clean water spill, it is important to partner with the number #1 choice for cleanup and restoration. This ensures a successful outcome no matter the scope of your water damage. A water in home scenario can best be handled by professionals that have restored homes for decades.

Recovering From a Home Fire Only Takes Two Phone Calls

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO cars ready to help. Having the help of the best Professionals Only Takes Two Phone Calls.

The first call is easy. Contact your insurance company and explain your situation. They will confirm your coverage and send an adjuster to assess the damage. The basis for the adjuster’s estimate is the amount of damage caused by the fire.

This fire restoration estimate includes the cost of:

  • Protecting your home from the wind and rain until repairs are complete.
  • Removing water and eliminating water damage.
  • Removing restorable items and sending them out for restoration.
  • Removing damaged material for disposal.
  • Removing the effects of smoke and soot on your home and its contents.
  • Cleaning your home in preparation for final restoration.
  • Restoring your home to its original condition.

The Rest Is Up to You

The adjuster leaves you shaking your head. In one hand, you have the estimate. In the other, you have the insurance company’s list of preferred vendors in the Layton, UT, area. You dread the thought of:

  • making all those calls
  • talking to all those contractors
  • scheduling all that work.

It looks like a full-time job. You don’t have that kind of time. You look at the list of preferred vendors and, suddenly, one name jumps off the paper.

Your Second Call Is Even Easier

That name belongs to a company that can do the entire job. There is no need to convince them of the urgency. They already understand that the tarps and plywood must go up immediately.
Many people don’t understand the extent of this company’s capabilities. When you excel at something, people tend to forget about your other skills. Providing rebuilding services is a natural addition to their cleaning and restoration expertise.

After all, why would you bring in a separate contractor after a fire to rebuild when one can do it all? Having this company do the job is one-stop shopping at its best.

It’s Time To Make That Call

You’ve selected the best contractor from the preferred vendor list. You want the restoration to begin quickly. It’s time to make that second call. Those full-service fire remediation specialists are ready to go.

What it means to be a Preferred Vendor?

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians ready to go. We are a restoration company that provides quality workmanship.

When property restoration business owners become preferred vendors with insurance companies, it means that the restoration business provides quality workmanship and works well with the insurance providers. Property can choose their own cleanup and remediation companies, but when they chose from the preferred vendor program, there's an expectation of good quality services.

An insurance agent typically provides contact information for companies who meet the following qualifications:

  • Compliance with standards set by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification
  • Compliance with standardized pricing and a willingness to provide services at a discount
  • Compliance with insurance company requirements

How Vendors Reach Preferred Status

There are several steps a property restoration company must do to become part of a vendor program. SERVPRO, for example, agrees to 21 guidelines established by insurance companies. Some of these requirements include employee background checks, equipment maintenance, ongoing safety trainings, and proper drying validations. Many of the requirements are measured against standards from the IICRC.

Insurance Companies Benefit From Working With Preferred Vendors

The insurance agent, the adjuster, and the underwriters have many reasons to work with companies, such as SERVPRO. Working with compliant vendors makes the insurance company's job easier.

  • Resources, including training, equipment, and account managers, are shared on a national level.
  • Oversight is consistent across the country due to consistent training and audits.
  • Local offices are located all over the country, so customers receive services quickly.
  • Reporting is handled on multiple levels for thorough management purposes.

Preferred Vendors Benefit As Well

In return for working closely with large insurance companies, preferred vendors get a lot of work sent their way. The cleanup and restoration professionals don't have to spend as much time or energy on marketing. They can refer their clients to insurance companies for positive referrals.

A Layton, UT, insurance agent wants to provide clients with cost-effective solutions. A quick response from remediation professionals and top-quality methods can keep claims costs lower by reducing the potential for further damages. Local franchises that meet the right requirements can be powerful advocates for insurance companies and customers.

The Benefits of Working With SERVPRO

5/7/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO trucks ready to help. Working with SERVPRO has many Benefits. For more information, just contact us.

When business owners in Layton, UT, need emergency remediation services, their first call is usually to their insurance company. The next call they make should be to certified mitigation experts. The claim services that SERVPRO provides are beneficial to both property owners and policy providers.

Accurate Reporting

The first thing the emergency response team does upon arrival at a damaged property is assess the extent of the problem. The Claims Information Center is your resource for the most accurate information on the job:

  • Dated timeline of process from start to finish
  • Itemized estimate of remediation needed
  • Photos of damage on site

All of this information is avaiable to both the business owner and the insurance company. Everyone involved is kept informed through every step of restoration.

Claim Reduction

One of the claim services SERVPRO offers is pretesting. While many companies may be inclined to tear everything out and rebuild anew, this can lead to costly claims. When technicians pretest, they can usually find materials and items that are salvageable, thus reducing the total claim amount. They work to offer the best service at the lowest price.

Efficient Updates

Once the work gets started, other issues may arise that change the original estimate. For example, water damage could have expanded or caused secondary problems such as mold growth. If this happens, technicians update the report on the website, informing all concerned parties of the change. The call center is also available not only for new reports but also to answer questions about ongoing projects. This is the kind of transparency clients should be able to expect from certified professionals.

With efficient task management and digital claim services, SERVPRO is the bridge between business owners and their insurance providers whenever disaster strikes. Property owners get the fast help they need, and providers are informed of any changes. Up-to-date, accurate reports make the claims process easier for everyone involved.

What To Do If Your Basement Floods

4/21/2022 (Permalink)

Cartoon of a Flooded House. Know more about Basement Floods and Avoid Water Damage in your Property.

Because it is the lowest level of your home, flooding can be a problem in your basement when you have heavy rain or a nearby body of water overflows. Taking the proper steps after a flood is important for limiting your damage and staying safe.

What To Do When You Have a Basement Flood

There are several steps to take when dealing with water in your basement.

1. Call Professionals for Large Floods

If you have a large amount of water in your basement, it may be dangerous to attempt to clean it up on your own. Contact your power company to shut off the electricity. Contact a professional flood remediation company in Layton, UT, to deal with removing the water. Aim to dry out your basement and contents in 48 hours or less. After that point, mold may become a problem.

2. Remove Water If

you have just a few inches of water in your basement, you can remove it with a wet vac. If you don't own one, you may be able to rent one or purchase one from a hardware or home improvement store.

If you have just a small amount of water, you can use mops, towels and sponges to clean it up.

3. Dry Your Basement

Once you remove the water, you will probably still have excessive moisture in the air. This can lead to mold growth. Use fans and dehumidifiers to circulate the air and remove the excess moisture.

Throw out any wet contents or move it outside until it dries. Turn your air conditioning on and leave it on.

4. Clean Flooring

Standing water from flooding can contain bacteria and organic matter. Use a mixture of one cup of chlorine bleach and one gallon of water to clean your floors and any other surfaces that the water was in contact with.

Wear protective eyewear and gloves and make sure the room is ventilated while you clean.

5. Prevent Future Water Problems

Reduce your risk of future water problems by making sure your downspouts, gutters and drains are not clogged with debris. Consider installing screens to prevent leaves and birds' nests from accumulating. Check your basement drain and clean it if necessary. Check for leaks that need pipe repair.

Consider taking other steps, such as changing the grading of your yard to promote water running away from your house, to reduce your flood risk.

6. Relocate Your Stuff

It is best to avoid storing valuable property in your basement, particularly if it is easily damaged property, such as items made from paper. If you must store things in the basement, put them on shelves or concrete blocks to keep them above the waterline. Use plastic storage bins instead of cardboard boxes for storage.

7. Service Your Sump Pump

Your sump pump is an important part of protecting your basement from water damage. Get it serviced to make sure it is ready for the next weather event.

Flooding in your basement can be a major hassle. Taking the correct steps after a flood can help keep you safe and prevent unnecessary damage from occurring.

My Basement Is Underwater! What Now?

11/24/2021 (Permalink)

Basement flooded. Understanding your homeowners insurance will help you to take preventive steps to protect your Kaysville, UT home.

If you discover your Kaysville, UT, basement underwater, do you know if it would be covered under your homeowners insurance? Insurance coverage is often very ambiguous about the type of flooding it will cover and won't. Just because you have a basement flood doesn't mean your insurance will cover it. It pays to know beforehand what will be covered under your homeowners insurance and what you may need additional insurance for.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover the Damage?

Each situation is different, so there are no guarantees that all of the damage will be covered by your insurance. There are common situations that are generally included in homeowners insurance coverage.

  • Freezing Pipe Burst

Flood damage from pipes that freeze and then burst is typically covered by home insurance policies as long as you were living in the home at the time of the burst. These include pipes from the home's plumbing system and those of appliances, sprinkler systems, and air conditioning units. If you were not living there and had the heat or water systems turned off (e.g., if you went away for winter vacation), the insurance policy probably would not cover the damage.

  • Overflowing Water Receptacle

People often don't realize that damage from an overflowing water receptacle is usually covered by a homeowners insurance policy. This includes flood damage from bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and pools.

  • Broken Appliance

Standard homeowners insurance will typically cover damage to a flooded area due to a faulty appliance. This could include a washing machine, refrigerator, or any other appliance that leaks a lot of water onto the floor. However, if the company can prove that the appliance malfunction was due to a lack of proper maintenance, they could deny the claim. The insurance policy will cover the damage caused by the water but will not cover the cost of a new appliance.

  • Leaking Water Heater

Insurance companies will typically cover a leaking water heater like most other leaking appliances. If it's purely a water heater malfunction that caused the water, the damage should be covered. If you hadn't been maintaining the water heater correctly and caused it to malfunction and leak, it probably won't be covered.

Unfortunately, there are three common basement flood situations that a standard homeowners insurance policy wouldn't typically cover.

1. Flooding Caused By Nature

Flooding caused by an act of nature would not be covered under homeowners insurance. This would only be covered under a flood insurance policy, but these policies are usually limited.

2. Underground Water Seeping

After heavy rainfall, water can seep into your basement through the saturated ground. The seepage must be directly related to a flood to be covered.

3. Sewer Backup

Most home insurance coverage will only cover what is typically a minimal amount of a sewer backup. Insurance will usually only cover about $10,000 worth of damage, but this type of damage can cost well over that amount for flood damage restoration experts and other professionals to repair.

When a disaster causes a basement flood, the cleaning and restoration process needs to begin immediately. The floodwater can cause even more damage as it lingers.

How SERVPRO Helps Insurance Adjusters and Agents

9/21/2021 (Permalink)

Insurance agent. SERVPRO professionals are a certificate team to make the job of insurance adjusters and agents easier.

Your job as an insurance adjuster or agent requires that you offer your customers great services while also keeping the claims costs within reasonable bounds. SERVPRO franchise professionals understand your priorities and have a thorough understanding of the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industry. This means that these professionals are uniquely qualified to make your job easier.

Competitive Advantages for Insurance Adjusters and Agents

You'll quickly recognize the advantages available to you when you work with franchise professionals in your part of Layton, UT. For example, franchise owners and cleaning and restoration experts work closely with each customer, offering reassurance, top-quality services, and consistent reports for all parties. The more that SERVPRO professionals deal with cleanup, restoration, and mitigation paperwork, the more you can focus on other priorities. There are many services you can expect from franchise professionals:

Compliance With Industry Standards

Becoming a vendor qualified to work closely with insurance providers and to maintain a reputation for quality work and professionalism requires adherence to important standards. Franchise professionals work to comply with all IICRC and ANSI standards. This results in:

  • Timely handling of claims
  • Commitment to best practices
  • Regular compliance verification
  • Vehicle and crew standards
  • Compliance with insurance requirements
  • Accurate documentation
  • Organized information exchanges

You can also expect emergency services to be complete within 24 hours, mitigation to be a top priority, and electronic files to be shared within hours of requests.

Elite Professional Training

One of the most effective ways to be sure customers receive top-quality service is through excellent training. Franchise professionals, from owners to technicians, receive training approved by and in line with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification for fire and water cleanup, restoration and remediation, and all other appropriate areas within the field. Continuing education is available to all franchise professionals as well as insurance clients.

Electronic Claims Information and Inventory

Perhaps one of the most time-consuming parts of your job is tracking down the pertinent information necessary to complete your claims. To help you with this part of your work, franchise professionals submit information electronically. This way you can quickly receive reports, documents, and even pictures, usually within hours. Some of the information provided through the claims inventory database includes:

  • First Notice of Loss
  • Thorough Estimates of Damage
  • Digital Photos of Affected Areas
  • Job Cost Data
  • Geographic Cost Comparisons

These files can be accessed online wherever you happen to be and can also be delivered as hard copies.

Immediate Emergency Response and Pretesting

It is well-known throughout the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industry that a rapid response limits damage, especially when it comes to secondary damage. Services such as tarping and boarding up to prevent exposure to rain and trespassers are a good way to minimize the need to replace property. Pretesting is another service that keeps replacement costs low.

Hard work and consistent results have established franchise professionals as some of the best in the industry. Whether you're an agent or an insurance adjuster, a cooperative relationship with SERVPRO franchise professionals is a great way to improve your completion of each insurance claim. Enlist highly qualified cleaning and restoration industry leaders in your quest to provide excellent service.

3 Tips for Dealing With a Toilet That Overflows When You Run the Shower

7/26/2021 (Permalink)

Person unclogging a toilet. Toilet clogged in a Layton, UT, home.

If your toilet is overflowing whenever you run the shower, you probably have a clog somewhere between your toilet and the sewer. An overflowing toilet can create a sewage cleaning problem in addition to running up your water bill.

These three tips can help you fix the problem.

1. Try To Unclog the Toilet

The best place to start the process is by trying to clear the clogged pipe by snaking your toilet. To do this, you need a plumbing tool called a "snake." You can purchase a motorized snake or one that cranks by hand. Get a snake that is at least 25 feet long. To clear the clog, run the snake through the toilet or remove the toilet and run the snake through the drain. Turn on the shower to see if you have dislodged the clog. If you still have a toilet overflow, try the next tip.

2. Snake the Drain Cleanout

Your drain cleanout is a cap on your main drain. It is usually located in your crawlspace or basement. Use a pipe wrench to remove the cap. Some sewage may come out. If there is a lot of sewage backup, you may need to contact a remediation company in Layton, UT, for sewage cleaning. Run the snake through the opening and then replace the cap. Turn the shower on. If your toilet is still overflowing, try the final tip.

3. Call a Plumber

If neither of those tips worked, you probably have an issue that you can't fix yourself. You may have a more serious problem, such as tree roots that have infiltrated your sewer line, or the clog may be too far into the pipe to reach with a non-commercial snake. Call a plumber to assess the issue.

You may be able to clear a simple clog on your own. However, more complex sewage cleaning problems may require professional assistance.

Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

7/26/2021 (Permalink)

A person repairing a washing machine. Having a maintaining routine on pipes will prevent water damage in your Kaysville, UT, home.

Water damage can lead to ongoing trouble for homeowners in Kaysville, UT, so learning to keep control of water in a home should be a priority. While water often flows through the house in pipes, sinks, basins, toilets, and appliances, there are several places where water should never be:

  • Basements
  • Carpets
  • Crawlspaces
  • Floors
  • Walls

The most effective way to prevent mishaps such as a slowly dripping faucet or a broken pipe is through routine maintenance and simple repairs.

Keep the Drains Flowing

One of the simplest maintenance steps is to keep your drains clear. This generally means preventing hair and other items from flowing into the drains and toilet. If there is a clog in the sink, shut off the water and clear out the P-traps. More complicated clogs may require the services of pipe cleanup and repair professionals.

Watch Out for Signs of Trouble

Water leaks can occur along pipes, near appliances, and at connector points throughout the home. Many of these leaks can be avoided simply by visually inspecting the areas of water in a home. Check hoses and connections. Look for signs of consistent drips, water stains, and dark spots. Repair caulking around sinks, tubs, and showers. Keep a close eye on water pressure. You may spot a broken pipe simply by recognizing that the water pressure has dropped. It's much easier and less expensive to fix a broken pipe early than to wait until it has caused serious damage.

Take a Look Outside

Be sure to pay attention to the exterior of the home, as well. Keep the gutters around the roof of the home clean and in good repair. Prevent water from accumulating around the foundation. Make sure the land in the yard slopes away from the home. If there's a sump pump on your property, check it at least once a year and test it during periods of heavy rain or snow.

Focus on Prevention

Preventing water in the home from getting into areas where it doesn't belong is simple with routine maintenance and timely repairs. When water damage does occur, reach out to SERVPRO professionals who get there Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Choosing the Right Smoke Detector for Your Home

6/22/2021 (Permalink)

Dual sensor smoke detector. Dual sensor smoke detector.

On average, when a fire breaks out in a home in Fruit Heights, UT, the residents have between two to four minutes to get out of the house before heat and smoke overtakes them. That isn’t even enough time to fry an egg. An early warning system is critical to keeping you safe, especially if a fire occurs while your family is sleeping. The best fire safety precaution you can get is a good quality smoke alarm. Do you know which type is best for your situation?

The Difference Between Smoke Detector Types

  • Photoelectric type
  • Ionization type
  • Dual sensor detector
  • Air-Sampling smoke detector

How To Choose the Best Unit for Your Home

A photoelectric alarm actually “sees” even the tiniest particles of smoke and triggers the alarm and is the best in the event you have a very smoky fire. This would do well in areas where there are likely to be bedding or piles of laundry. An ionization unit uses a radioactive element, which is disrupted when smoke particles enter the field, setting off the alarm. They work best when fires begin in fast burning sources like grease or paper, and might work best in a kitchen, shop, or garage. A dual-sensor smoke alarm covers both bases effectively but may cost more. Using one of each type in close proximity can give the same benefits. An air-sampling model can sense smoke in the air at minute levels. This may be better for homes with large rooms or high ceilings. You don’t need to choose an expensive model, and it is just as important to get install long-lasting, reliable batteries.

While hearing a smoke alarm and getting out in time is the next best thing to having no fire, ablaze can get the advantage on you in a hurry. Calling restoration service technicians in Fruit Heights, UT can help make putting your world back together a little easier. Choosing and installing your smoke alarms is a crucial part of surviving such an event.

Use of PPE when Cleaning Mold Damage

6/21/2021 (Permalink)

Man in mold cleaning suit Mold remediator wearing protective suit in a Fruit Heights,UT building

Whether you do business in a small office, a mid-sized warehouse or a large factory, you understand the importance of fostering a mold-free environment. After all, mold can ruin inventory, equipment, furnishings and structures. If you want to protect your investment by removing mold from your Fruit Heights, UT, business, you must commit to wearing the right personal protective equipment.

Choosing Protective Gear

Mold reproduces by spreading microscopic spores. As you probably know, you should not inhale these spores. As such, before beginning any mold-removal process, you likely want to purchase a high-quality mask. You may not want to stop there, though. Most mold cleanup specialist don a protective suit that includes the following components:

  • A mask
  • A respirator
  • Gloves
  • Disposable shoe covers
  • Disposable overalls
  • Goggles

Understanding Mold Growth

Mold is more than meets the eye. That is, it has a funny way of returning to spaces you think are clean. If you want to protect your business from mold, you must develop a comprehensive strategy. You may need to throw away some contaminated items, even though you can clean others. You also may need to use an air-filtration system to catch mold spores that dislodge during the cleaning process.

Asking for Professional Help

As a business owner, you are good at meeting customer demands and maximizing profit. You may not, however, have much expertise in mold mitigation. Fortunately, you don’t have to know everything there is to know about containing mold. On the contrary, you may want to rely on a reputable mold removal service. Skilled technicians have the knowledge, skill and equipment to contain mold in your facility.

No entrepreneur wants to have to deal with mold. Still, containing mold is often part of doing business in Fruit Heights, UT. To protect your business investment, you need a plan for addressing mold growth. If you choose to remove mold without professional assistance, you must be certain you wear the right gear.

Why You Need Professionals for Roof Tarp Services

5/6/2021 (Permalink)

Image of a roof and siding damaged with fire Roof and siding fire damage in a Layton, UT home.

When fire damages your building, one of the most important parts of fire cleanup to tackle immediately is damage to the roof. The heat and flames of the fire may have weakened roofing structures or left gaping holes, leaving your property open to the weather. Firefighters may have opened holes in the roof to be sure there weren't hidden pockets of fire. No matter how those damages were caused, you need quick repairs, so you can get your commercial property back in shape as quickly as possible.

Don't Postpone Repairs

What's at risk? When you don't treat damage to the roof immediately, your business could suffer in a number of ways.

  • Rain, wind, and other environmental elements could damage the interior of the building and any furnishings and inventory inside.
  • Vandals and thieves may enter your building, increasing your losses.
  • Weakened building materials could affect the stability of surrounding structures.
  • Failure to control damages could impact your insurance coverage.

Dangers of DIY Tarping

One of the first things many property owners do is to install tarping, and it may seem like a few 2x4s and some heavy-duty clothes will do the trick. However, temporary covers are notorious for providing too little in the way of serious protection. Instead of leaving yourself and your property open to further losses, talk to fire cleanup professionals about tarp services.

Reach Out to Professionals

Professionals tackle roof repair by applying an emergency protective cover to prevent further interior damage and protect against more structural damage. If weather doesn't allow for long-term repairs, the emergency repairs will protect against further environmental exposure. After assessing the extent of the damage, professionals will often work with insurance companies as they repair the structural integrity of your roof and complete the reconstruction of your roofing.

There's enough fire cleanup work for you to handle without worrying about the roof as well. This is one area that should always be turned over to Layton, UT, professionals.

3 Ways To Prevent Water Damage

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

Image of a person talking on the phone with it's hands up, and around the water leaking from the ceiling into buckets Prevent water damage in your home

Water damage from excess water in home is one of the most common causes of property damage. Because water can cause severe damage to your property it is important to take steps to reduce the severity of this type of damage.

Take 3 Steps to Prevent Water Damage

1. Know How To Shut Off the Water

Water from a broken pipe can seriously damage your home in just a few minutes. The faster you can shut the water off, the less damage will occur. Familiarize yourself with where the main shutoff valve is located. This will usually be somewhere along the perimeter of your home on the side where the water enters. Make sure everyone in your family knows how to find it and shut it off.

2. Install a Sump Pump and Test It

The basement is one of the most common places for there to be water in home. Installing a sump pump helps prevent flooding from occurring during heavy rain. Test your pump regularly to make sure it is working properly. You don't want to find out that your pump needs maintenance when your basement starts to fill with water. If your basement does flood, contact a SERVPRO franchise in Layton, UT, to dry it out as soon as possible.

3. Protect Your Pipes

Pipe cleanup caused by a burst pipe is another common cause of water damage. Install a smart thermostat so that you can make sure your home is heated to at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. If you will be gone for an extended period of time, shut off the water to your home and drain the pipes. Insulating your pipes will help prevent them from freezing during the winter.

Because water in home can lead to severe damage, it is important to take steps to prevent it. These three steps will help you reduce the potential for water damage in your home.