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Common Damage Caused by Winter Storms

5/24/2022 (Permalink)

Snow covered houses and trees. Be ready for Winter Storms by Following These Tips.

For homeowners in Kaysville, UT, a severe winter storm is to be expected. What homeowners may not expect is extensive damage from the storm that requires a storm and water damage restoration company to repair.

The Effects of a Blizzard

When dealing with ice, snow and sleet, your home may not be ready to handle what they may bring. Instead of hoping for the best, homeowners should have a good understanding of the common causes of water and roof damage during cold weather. These include:

Wet Snow:

Extra-heavy, moisture-filled snow early in the winter easily accumulates. As it does so, this extra weight puts stress on power lines, roofs, trees and other structures. Over time, only a few feet of snow may be enough to cause damage.


Similar to wet snow, the weight of ice is too much for some structures. As the rain turns to ice, it can create layers of ice that can be detrimental to your home and the power grid. If ice dams form on the roof, it means that moisture is being pushed under the protective roof layers and may lead to extensive damage.

High Winds:

No matter the season, strong winds often accompany moisture. That often leads to missing shingles, falling branches and siding going missing. Combined with frigid temperatures, it may leave your roof and structural components of the home exposed to moisture.


Along with potential flooding after the snow melts, freezing temperatures during a winter storm also lead to frozen pipes. If ice has built up, it may be blocking the melting snow from properly draining. If that happens, you may easily find unwanted water in your home.

Prevention Tips

While you may not be able to prevent the storm from brewing, there are ways to minimize its impact on your home. A key to ensuring your home is ready for any storm is staying on top of maintenance throughout the year. Key ways to minimize the effects of ice and snow include:

  • Get the roof inspected annually to ensure it is in good shape and up to code.
  • Regularly check the foundation for any cracks, leaks or missing seals prior to the storm.
  • Prior to winter setting in, disconnect any outdoor hoses and insulate faucets.
  • Check doors and windows for any gaps and install weather stripping to help keep the cold out.
  • Clean the gutters to reduce the chances of ice dams forming.
  • Keep tree branches trimmed and away from the home. ‍

Along with trying to prevent damage to your home, winter weather also requires thinking about safety. Before the cold season starts, it’s a good idea to have your heating system checked to ensure it is running properly. That is also a good time to stock up on salt to keep driveways and walkways less slippery.

Any winter storm has the potential to wreak havoc. While the winter wonderland may look pretty, ice and snow can cause different types of damage to the home. Staying on top of maintenance and being prepared are key ways to minimize the damage.

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