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Category Two Water Damage and Your Business

1/14/2022 (Permalink)

Contaminated Water. Consider these tips if your business in Kaysville, UT experiences Water Damage,

Businesses typically experience high volume water usage because of the number of patrons and employees using the facilities daily. The extensive usage can lead to a shortage in the lifespan of pipes throughout the complex. In turn, commercial buildings can experience breaks, and water pipe repair needs more frequently than residential properties.

Important tips to consider if you experience Water Damage

If your business experiences water damage, it can occur at various contamination levels, typically requiring professional intervention from a restoration service in Kaysville, UT to avoid extensive problems, such as:

  • Flooding
  • Inventory loss
  • Business interruption

A water restoration and mitigation service will quickly identify the water category and mitigate further losses. However, the first move is to contact the professional rather than attempt a DIY solution.

Water Pipe Repair and Safety

A broken pipe does not imply a catastrophe. Pipe breaks occur at various levels of severity, including a minor split in a supply line to a sink or a total collapse of a drainage system.

Your response needs to match the urgency of the situation. A minor break from a clean water source is not as urgent as a break within a wastewater line, but both require a level of immediacy.

Unless you are a licensed plumber or disaster response specialist, it is vital to leave category identification to the experts. Attempting to enter a flooded area without first understanding the risks is reckless.

Water Categories and Risks

There are three categories of water loss: clean, gray, and black.

Clean water loss or damage is a flood caused by a break in a clean water source, such as a supply line to a sink.

Gray water or category two water stems from clean water exposed to other substances. For instance, if clean water soaks through the ceiling of an upper floor to flood the lower level, it exposes the lower level to category two damage. Gray water is not safe and can lead to illness.

Black water is the most contaminated version of floodwater. It typically comes from a waste source or an external source. Black water is filled with bacteria and other contaminants. It can be toxic, and it should only be cleaned by professionals.

Category 2 Cleanup

Because category two water can also present health risks, hiring a professional to clean your facility is best. The cleanup process is the same as it is for any water cleanup:

  • Remove excess water
  • Dry affected areas
  • Clean facilities
  • Restore to pre-disaster condition

The water restoration process can take anywhere from two to five days or more, depending on the severity of the damage. A minor, clean water flood will typically take significantly less time to remediate than a gray or black water flood.

For more specifics on the timeline, talk to a restoration professional. They can assess your property and provide more insight.

A water pipe repair can be the least of your concerns if portions of your facility flood. While the repair is essential, the damage and the loss category can determine the expense and timeline for recovery.

When facing a flood or pipe break, contact a restoration service. It is best to avoid DIY solutions, primarily when your business depends on a timely recovery.

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